v3.33 (2024.04.02)

  Add new pass design color picker
  Add ability to save wallet_pass_id and points info on Shopify order
  Add Shopify webhook signature check before saving
  Add Shopify order update on points balance modification
  Add promotion block to dashboards
  Add ability to remove privacy text when it is not required
  Replace hardcoded mapkit token with endpoint
  Update projects list icon
  Update labels and translations
  Update dependencies
  Fix bugs

v3.32 (2024.03.27)

  Add rewards to membership cards
  Add ability to edit rewards for membership card projects
  Add ability to issue and redeem rewards for membership program
  Add ability to redeem point card rewards
  Add subscription plan cadence property to wallet pass resource
  Add check if customer wants to join Shopify loyalty program
  Add code support for generic google pass notifications (disabled)
  Add endpoint for default design colors
  Add hints to stamps and members tier toggles
  Add shopify contact export and mail list saving
  Add Shopify discount creation on reward redemption
  Add support for Shopify partially fulfilled orders
  Update dependencies
  Update JA translation and strings and validation errors
  Update Square SDK to the latest version
  Update to Laravel 11
  Update Shopify webhook from order paid to fulfilled
  Improve rewards styling and add point card rewards
  Increase announcements limit
  Make square logo field independent of ios logo layout on plans editor
  Optimize N+1 queries
  Refactor company update endpoint
  Refactor project loader (one loader to rule them all)
  Refactor stamp rewards
  Remove bplats integration
  Remove icons and other stuff from point card rewards
  Remove rewards from point card tiers
  Rename Employee ID back into External ID
  Rename stamp rewards into rewards
  Fix display custom fields on CRM
  Fix edit tiers on members
  Fix members rewards list on pass details
  Fix pass re-issue

v3.31 (2024.03.12)

  Add ability to clone pass
  Add used/added points metrics
  Add Shopify webhooks processing
  Add pass design settings to editor block and remove modal
  Rewrite Shopify app auth from scratch
  Refactor design templates to only use colors property
  Refactor wallet pass template saving move it inside project publish method
  Refactor dashboard metrics
  Update dependencies
  Fix single pass issue limit on coupons

v3.30 (2024.03.05)

  Add booking project to the new project editor
  Add sales dates and service hours to project summary
  Add save and cancel button to design editor on project editor
  Add ability to show assigned venue for staff and venue manager
  Add ability to issue booking pass from dashboard
  Add ability to issue hotel passes from dashboard
  Add check for square card presence before subscription creation
  Add Puroland sync on the 1st of each month
  Add pass signature to shopify resource
  Add kaisuken icons fallback from legacy icons
  Add venue manager assigned venues to context response
  Update translations and remove venue price from translation string
  Update dependencies
  Remove ability to attach pass directly in campaign manager
  Replace onclick event with router link in project cards
  Move reward stats to staff-guarded middleware
  Fix tinymce load icons bug
  Fix error on pass redemption history
  Fix project filter
  Fix venue manager view for workspaces with facilities
  Fix reward parsing in activity
  Fix booking units update
  Fix response type in OAuth controller
  Fix kaisuken icon selector

v3.29.5 (2024.02.29)

  Update translations and remove venue price from translation string #1007
  Refactor pass renewal and activation date calculation (always use activation date for expiration calculation) #1001
  Restore normal Squareup subscription flow (pass issued and email is sent) #1008

v3.29 (2024.02.27)

  Add general workspace settings toggle for email registration
  Add goaccess daily report command and scheduled job
  Add category to announcements
  Add apple client secret auto generation command
  Add subscription to orders_create topic for Shopify
  Add contacts block list
  Improve Sentry reports and add sourcemap
  Update dependencies
  Update JWT library and embed Apple socialite provider
  Update error 500 text
  Update empty state in venue list view
  Remove Laravel Pulse
  Remove legacy configs
  Remove Sentry Vite plugin for local environment
  Fix validation for booking unit images
  Fix goToContactsTag function name
  Fix group passes template editor images
  Fix Sentry bug 4945733470
  Disable point expiration settings if the project has an activity
  Disable Facebook login

v3.28 (2024.02.15)

  Add "on purchase" action trigger
  Add ability to disable auth with email per workspace flags
  Add support for year parameter in billing summary export
  Add smartlock fields to API pass response
  Add pass group identifier to apple passes for ticket templates
  Add Shopify webhook processing
  Add ability to authorize in Kinchaku by Shopify session token
  Add support for purchase action trigger (Duplicate removed)
  Add customer blocklist feature (#977)
  Add support for whitelabel blocklist (#977)
  Make service account role to be equal to member
  Update dependencies
  Update translations
  Disable booking change for bundle tickets
  Refactor project store in storefront
  Fix reload page when importing a module script failed

v3.27 (2024.02.07)

  Add: Ability to specify subject for email action trigger
  Add: Two abuser domains to blocklist
  Update: Hide the link to legal information if there is already a text
  Update: Disable backend error messages auto-translation
  Fix: Close of actions editor dialog on project notifications
  Fix: Max redemption validation on plan for multi-use voucher
  Fix: Reload page when failed to fetch dynamically imported module
  Fix: "Add commuter pass categories" button

v3.26.3 (2024.02.01)

  Add new transport project editor
  Add support for pass issue event trigger
  Remove unused components for project editor
  Clean up and refactor general editor and plan modal form
  Refactor project general edit block
  Fix data collection form for ticket and transport projects
  Fix pwned password check
  Fix subtypes for transport project editor
  Fix set expires_at date on project editor
  Fix missing rewards toggles in voucher plan form

v3.26.2 (2024.01.30)

  Add RemoteLOCK PIN to web pass preview
  Update pass services with support for unlimited redemptions in a bundle
  Disable stripe coupon application
  Clean up image uploader
  Fix oauth user email check
  Fix oauth flow with apple login
  Fix empty english terms response
  Fix customers acquired coupons list on checkout
  Fix static links props
  Fix issued coupons usage on checkout

v3.26 (2024.01.25)

  Add capacity editing form for project editor schedule
  Add support for recurring trigger and self checkin events
  Add en versions for the legal terms
  Add markdown for legal fields on project editor
  Add translate labels for project action operations
  Add support for recurring and single run triggers
  Add ability to edit bundle venues while no passes issued
  Update apple pass service to use plan images first
  Change validation to allow 999 redemptions on bundle venues
  Fix project hide timetable and location flags for coupons
  Fix CRM is company filter
  Fix unlimited bundle passes rendered as used
  Fix booking capacity check for bundle passes
  Fix editing bundle ticket facility/tenant
  Fix saving point card with tiers and numeric labels 
  Fix max redemptions count for bundle venues
  Fix expiration settings summary (only show on correct project types)
  Fix translation for customer activity triggers
  Fix campaign manager list view
  Fix puroland projects saving
  Fix limited usage toggle on plans form
  Fix custom data collection checkbox field in pass issue drawer
  Fix booking data sent in pass issue drawer

v3.25 (2024.01.16)

  Add Event Triggered Notifications to project notifications 
  Add support for unlimited redemptions in bundle venue
  Add filtering for booking slots duplicates (multiple booking units)
  Add RemoteLOCK guest update on reservation change
  Add ability to set unlimited redemptions in bundle venues
  Refactor storefront self check-in page
  Replace template images with project images for pass creation
  Hide schedule units display for days without business hours
  Update action (event trigger) history screen
  Update bundle venues checkin toggle name (locations list)
  Update dependencies
  Resolve sentry issues
  Fix template images saving on images upload
  Fix saving of bundled venue list fields in the project editor
  Fix condition check for check-in action in pass details drawer

v3.24 (2024.01.09)

  Add ability to limit coupons to one per customer
  Add support for legacy standard plan
  Add status endpoint to sentry ignore
  Add external id to the contact search
  Add model, service and controller for Action (for the future version)
  Add send email action trigger
  Move project image upload to a separate request
  Change axios formatting function
  Disable automatic activation of the Data Collection when there are no fields
  Update FormData for new axios version to fix file uploads 
  Fix API requests filtering
  Fix project summary texts in distribution block
  Fix field names display on Data Collection setup
  Fix full company business info check for square mode
  Fix pass links import with empty campaign name
  Fix plan strip removal      

v3.23 (2023.12.28)

  Add new tickets project editor
  Add a requirement to fill-in business info
  Add new embedded pricing table
  Improve ask for upgrade card for project creating
  Add description and pictogram for hidden project types
  Add operator locale forcing to large CSV export
  Replace add venue button with a menu for facilities
  Rename "facility" to "venue group"
  Refactor business info form (change labels, remove legacy fields, etc...)
  Refactor RemoteLOCK toggle into dropdown option for barcode type
  Make country a required field in a business form
  Move campaign manager behind flag and optimize translations
  Update summary and title for expiration settings in project editor
  Update Stripe SDK to latest version (v13)
  Remove fixed period from sales settings
  Fix empty terms and privacy for static pages
  Fix plans stock calculation
  Fix logic for requiring privacy policy upon project publishing
  Fix project short card description color
  Fix business info form company name field width
  Fix redirect after deleting workspace
  Fix persons count parameter when issuing product pass from dashboard
  Fix availability calculation for same-day reservations
  Fix monetary stats export query

v3.22 (2023.12.12)

  Add ability to select a whole facility as a location in bundle ticket creation
  Add ability to specify person count in self check-in (#16)
  Add custom field to pass preview
  Add person count to self check-in card (#16)
  Add en version for custom field
  Add country to contact resource and csv export
  Add ability to self check-in facility tenant in a bundle ticket
  Update ios pass template for group bundle tickets
  Update google pass template for group bundle tickets
  Update puroland service to accept new config file format
  Fix billing toolbar styles
  Fix venue pagination and sorting issue

v3.21 (2023.12.05)

  Add voucher subtype to projects list
  Add Laravel Pulse monitoring tool
  Add venues pagination endpoint to storefront
  Add order exceptions to Sentry
  Add ability to add english version to custom text and label
  Add group ticket option to bundle tickets
  Update dependencies
  Fix download csv button on billing

v3.20 (2023.11.30)

  Add transactions CSV export
  Add ability to change coupon into voucher when adding plans
  Add confirmed_checkins to group passes activity export
  Add new project editor
  Add all projects view
  Add for inquiries email to project index page
  Hide resume subscription button on canceled passes
  Update countries list
  Update translations
  Fix refunds from dashboard when refunds disabled
  Fix DC fields order

v3.19.4 (2023.11.14)

  Add support for rewards each having separate icon
  Add pass coupon id to pass resource
  Add coupon link to expired pass details

v3.19 (2023.11.07)

  Refactor mailing list updates
  Add back pass_activity count to coupons and loyalty
  Add future reservations gauge
  Add mailcoach
  Add new workspaces to default list in mailcoach
  Add support for issuing coupons on group passes
  Fix disabling barcode on coupons
  Fix announcement date format

v3.18 (2023.10.31)

  Add null check for hotel pass start date when the pass iss issued via API 
  Add backward compatibility template property for really old app versions
  Add warning to coupon usage on non Stripe workspaces
  Add check for expiration date in the past on cloned project
  Add ability to book for today only
  Update google wallet group pass template
  Update metrics queries to use projects instead of wallet pass templates
  Update headers on kinken CSV export
  Fix project subtype on vouchers for app pass scan result
  Fix voucher activity export column names
  Fix expiry last activity calculation
  Fix dialog height bug on mobile (fix voucher plan edit)

v3.17 (2023.10.24)

  Refactor project's and plan's expiration setting changes
  Refactor pass expiration calculation
  Refactor wallet pass activity to optimize queries
  Fix workspace project counts
  Fix project start date saving
  Fix venue title on google wallet hotel passes
  Fix venues relationship on pass activity
  Fix barcode type/format display
  Fix group reservation passes

v3.16 (2023.10.18)

  Add announcements to dashboard
  Add 503    page on frontend and storefront
  Add day and month suffixes for birthdate in Japanese
  Add pass count check after sending multiple booking order
  Add support for group passes in web wallet
  Add hover style to availability list
  Add check for filled data collection fields
  Add delayed job activity export support
  Add ability to update group template name and description
  Add ability to patch individual project properties
  Add ability to filter POS products by venue
  Add ability to set default customer language to respect browser language
  Add Puroland integration caching
  Add same-day expiry for bundle tickets
  Add activity logging for pass links
  Add persons per plan on group passes property
  Improve workspace sender address setting
  Improve project index page layout
  Improve voucher-coupon pass preview
  Improve pass queries performance
  Update beacons and locations editor
  Update routes and drop unused controllers
  Update google ticket class to support localization
  Update product endpoints with project
  Remove n+1 query from seatmap projects
  Remove disable attribute from submit in DC form
  Remove coupons from subscription project
  Remove Stripe coupon management
  Remove obsolete endpoints
  Disable refund on subscription passes
  Fix address required validation
  Fix bundle and linked bundle availability API call
  Fix order queue for multiple booking requests
  Fix usage count in categories page
  Fip project landing status alerts
  Fix index project page description border
  Fix multi-select values display on contact details

v3.15 (2023.09.26)

  Add QIS number to business information
  Add QIS number to customer receipt
  Add gyoza icon to Kinchaku font
  Add tier label to stamp cards
  Add ability to export matchings as CSV
  Add activity count caching
  Update translations
  Remove town from company address
  Fix default max_reservations    and order_limit    for booking project
  Fix matchings pagination
  Fix display data collection on pass details
  Fix customer email verification column

v3.14.1 (2023.09.22)

  Add gender and company name to contact resource
  Add automatic customer linking with an existing contact by email address
  Add ability to filter reservations by state (tentative, confirmed, completed) 
  Fix QR login when no workspace is selected
  Fix attendee list for old app versions
  Fix reservations list to filter by unit is active
  Fix order limit on booking project

v3.14 (2023.09.19)

  Add select all to venues dropdown
  Add ability to continue order after a server error
  Add retryTimer        for order server errors with status 429 (too many requests)
  Add back project external ID to pass activity export
  Add unit to reservation in pass resource
  Add Ambient workspace ID to blacklist for cancelation emails
  Add booking pass support for checkin open time constrain
  Improve contact search validation (increase char limit and show correct validation error)
  Improve birthdate field, split it into three dropdowns
  Improve 422 error handler to show field errors in place and fix auth error handler
  Fix login with workspace invite code
  Fix venues import from CSV and its empty state
  Fix anonymous product pass issuing for vouchers
  Fix and unify route for user invitation via email and link
  Fix checkin for booking passes not expiring passes
  Hide zero total invoices from storefront payment history
  Reduce logging in transport passes creation

v3.13 (2023.09.15)

  Add public api V1 tests
  Add Square low merchant balance error message
  Add endpoint to get matches for a meeting pass for a month
  Add request queued component to prevent server slaming
  Add 422    validation handler to storefront
  Add registration referer counts to passlink resource
  Add company name to matches table
  Add reservation confirmed email
  Add empty state wallpaper for project landing pages
  Add redirect for passes-need-confirm on page refresh
  Add markdown to booking unit info for meeting passes
  Remove avatar from booking unit selection for meeting passes
  Remove required from zone on pass issue and remove reservations count
  Improve passLink registrations count query
  Update texts and translations
  Fix selected venue on seat selection
  Fix double availability API call
  Fix second booking selection bug

v3.12 (2023.09.12)

  Add date to seatmap svg request to prevent caching in admin panel
  Add throttling to purchase and project load
  Add "sold out" chip for plans in pass issue drawer
  Add UI for creating personal passLink
  Add ability to create projects with multiple reservations
  Add description of seats to seat map
  Improve seat map colors
  Improve meeting passes flow
  Improve project start/end dates layout
  Refactor and add locks to seat taken check
  Refactor webhook handler move everything into the queues
  Update JA translation
  Fix plans list and detect multiple_booking
  Fix select venues for project with seatmap without reservation
  Fix header border style
  Fix redirect after remove account
  Fix dispatch cart actions from router
  Fix mobile throttle timer and add animation
  Fix pass seat text
  Fix seats disabling on project with max quantity
  Fix 3DS payment and bundle ticket
  Fix plan issued passes calculation

v3.11 (2023.09.05)

  Add extend pass link to pass expiration reminder
  Add seat block release after successfull booking
  Add new booking mode - unique
  Add ability to set number of reservations required
  Add support for need confirmation flag on a project
  Add sticky header for coupon/loyalty project editors
  Add meeting pass subtype to booking project
  Add seat info to pass details drawer
  Add notice about price change to ticket category
  Add required to venues on seatmap project
  Add matomo events to storefront auth
  Add translations for email confirmation
  Change email address char limit
  Update profile and download links in emails
  Rename seat_category into seat_categories and accept multiple categories
  Refactor reservation pass expiration calculation for reservation type passes
  Remove vaccines project type
  Remove aipass integration
  Remove colons from purchase summary
  Remove expiration date from booking/reservation passes
  Remove duplicate seat info from reservation passes
  Fix seats selling for cash
  Fix sales start_date validation
  Fix booking plan title edit
  Fix description text margin
  Fix issue passes with linked bundle
  Fix loading free passes after order
  Fix booking unit selection

v3.10.6 (2023.08.29)

  Require approved KYC before purchase
  Add project link to approved KYC email
  Add chart categories to venue
  Add support for allow reservation changes toggle
  Remove individual data collection toggle
  Remove 3 days padding for activation date on transport projects with KYC
  Fix availability calendar
  Fix venue select on seat map

v3.10.0 (2023.08.22)

  Add unique email validation check to registration
  Add forbidden domains validation to registration (telco emails)
  Add support for skipping days in linked bundle reservations
  Add support for english project titles and plan descriptions
  Add check for pass expiration before trying to extend it
  Add support for issuing passes with seat info from dashboard and app
  Add seatmap to ticket projects on dashboard
  Add support for multi-lang to titles and descriptions on storefront
  Add multi lang fields to project editors
  Add page title to sigin pages and add language to check email
  Add validation requiring privacy policy when DC is enabled
  Improve google passes design with seatmaps
  Update linked bundle venues passes to use labels on a pass
  Disable reservation change date on puroland projects
  Remove publish step on ticket project edit
  Remove group passes toggle if seatmaps are enabled
  Remove RemoteLOCK integration from vouchers
  Fix pass preview for bundle passes
  Fix login redirect

v3.9.0 (2023.08.15)

  Add seatmap seat selection
  Add english description to project tables
  Add pagination to available locations on project landing page
  Add websockets presence channel
  Add remember me to password login flow
  Add support for 3D secure v2 on Stripe purchases
  Add ability to make second reservation on a pass
  Add stepper for selecting both reservation times in linked bundle
  Add second booking info to checkout summary
  Add ability to make linked reservations on one pass
  Improve ending trial and subscription notification
  Update sort order for purchased passes to show latest first
  Update Puroland import service to respect changes in default hours
  Update JA translation
  Disable sortable on pass start date
  Remove text fallback for broken google pay links
  Fix storefront header layout on zoom
  Fix passes list full loaded bug
  Fix birthdate datepicker mask

3.8.0 (2023.08.08)

  Add registration source to register event (apple, google, email, other)
  Add ability to set max stamps to 24
  Add ability to upload seat chart to venue (super admin only)
  Add message about expired campaign to project landing page
  Remove reservation ability from voucher
  Refactor customer creation
  Refactor campaign registration checks
  Fix select on fares page

v3.7.0 (2023.08.01)

  Add ability to change reservation from storefront
  Decouple wallet pass from reservation (refactor to allow multiple reservations per one pass)
  Fix mails locale getter (only allow supported locales)
  Improve hotel pass layout with strips
  Improve Stripe payment with reservations flow
  Fix validation of the "other" field in the address for legacy projects
  Fix dynamic pricing in payment summary
  Fix payments that require additional verification (3DS)

v3.6.0 (2023.07.25)

  Set pass activation date to with project operating hours start time
  Add seat booking to reservations
  Add ability to update pass expiration from dashboard
  Add notification about ending subscription
  Add RemoteLOCK pin to QR code on hotel passes
  Add separate pass and project descriptions
  Add auth code to pass preview
  Add ability to parse markdown in project description
  Add contact (support) email field to project settings
  Add background to pass designer
  Add pass description to pass customization block
  Add markdown editor for project description
  Add description to plan/category edit
  Refactor profile and pass endpoints
  Remove external id from project editors
  Fix email-confirmation page

v3.5.0 (2023.07.11)

  Fix bundle ticket without reservation
  Fix activation date with KYC 3 days padding
  Add special route for email verify
  Add amount and reason parameters to refund endpoint
  Add activation date updating on renewal
  Add email-verified page
  Add venue to pass history row
  Add refund amount to refund modal
  Add support for linked bundle venues
  Update dependencies
  Update pass renewal rules to only allow renewal of same fare

v3.4.0 (2023.06.27)

  Fix check display venue scanner for bundle
  Improve layout of a group pass with reservation
  Remove kyc cleaner that was deleting old KYC requests
  Remove links on deleted contacts
  Change self-checkin timer's font size
  Change font-family on timer to Mono
  Add ability to hide locations from distribution page
  Add ability to set min cancel time to zero
  Add ability to verify email
  Add deleted_at to contact resource
  Add purchase order analytics
  Add hiding of the time part of the reservation date on pass preview
  Add check for all day reservation to self check-in
  Add ability to hide locations
  Add default sorting to wallet passes
  Update JA translation
  Update dependencies

v3.2.0 (2023.06.20)

  Add KYC alert
  Add verification rejection handler (better error message)
  Add email sending on pass renewal
  Add redirect to categories without fare for transport
  Refactor pass issuing (do not issue pass on registration)
  Change anonymous passes issuing endpoint (related to refactoring)
  Improve logging and operation
  Fix cart redirects on page reload
  Fix single pass issue (do not allow issuing another pass if customer already has one)
  Fix existing postcode fill in address data collection
  Fix pass waiting screen right after payment
  Fix one month commuter pass refund calculation
  Fix sentry issue 4230337337

v3.1.0 (FE v1.131.0) (2023.06.13)

  Add ability to pause sales
  Add backend validation check for customer data collection
  Add hide timetable to all projects
  Update JA translation
  Update dependencies

v3.0.0 (2023.06.06)

  Switch to new storefront design
  Move contacts to global level
  Add sign in with Apple/Google support for storefront
  Make activity export query optimizations
  Change hotel pass layout
  Add today used/unused passes filter api to be used from the app
  Add markdown support to static pages
  Add support for settings whitelabel terms

v1.130.0 (2023.04.28)

  Add usage extension (pass renewal) toggle to transport plans
  Add ability to renew/extend transport passes
  Add ability to guess venue from another workspace on pass scan
  Add locking to early intent processing (improve stripe webhooks processing)
  Fix matomo container

v1.129.1 (2023.04.18)

  Add toggle to disable venue scanner on self checkin
  Add ability to select konbini or card payment method
  Add margin to select location header
  Add matomo tag
  Add tier label to pass list
  Add ability to switch into workspace from a scanned wallet pass
  Normalize pass status filters on pass lists
  Update QR code scanner library and add ability to disable it

v1.129.0 (2023.04.13)

  Fix photo preview display on KYC
  Change KYC sorting order
  Update JA translations
  Add CSV download link to workspace activity
  Add user selected columns to activity export
  Fix redeemed column on activity export
  Allow punching not installed loyalty passes
  Add persons count/group column to product activity export

v1.128.9 (2023.03.30)

  Add automatic transition to next KYC on decline/approve action
  Add ability to rotate KYC image
  Add support for KYC status in pass details
  Add support for not activated status in pass details
  Add use case to mails and activity logging to mailcontent
  Add receipt email to stripe intents flow
  Add changes logging to KYC requests
  Update JA translation
  Remove archive and delete actions from project lists
  Remove check for KYC in order flow (allow purchases with pending KYC)
  Remove double refund from activity
  Refactor and fix layout issues
  Fix checkboxes values in contact details
  Fix KYC reject refunding all project passes

v1.128.4 (2023.03.23)

  Add ability to update smartlock pin/qr from API
  Add custom field label to booking project
  Add venue title to CSV file name in subscription stats
  Add ability to set same day only availability booking limit
  Update pass layout for hotel pass and add support for custom field
  Improve KYC view
  Fix fields order in DC
  Fix edit KYC fields on DC


  Fix group template name updating
  Add pass designer and generator (DEV only)
  Add second receipt for commuter passes
  Add ability to create another design template
  Remove cancelation policy from coupons, stamps and membership


  Add support for delayed CSV billing CSV export
  Improve venue activity page
  Add support for setting a cancelation policy
  Hide contact name if it's empty and fix monetary coupons list
  Remove CSV file deletion after a download
  Upgrade to Laravel 10
  Improve venue activity resource and fix some other minor issues
  Add support for portrait mode on Tance vt10 devices
  Add support for setting pass cancelation policy
  Do not set contact name equal to email on contact update
  Remove name from pass on loyalty without data collection
  Add project, value and pass type to venue activity CSV export


  Add support for bundle tickets
  Add time to venue activity CSV export
  Add back enlightn reporting on production release
  Add venue activity counts to pass resource
  Add support for force passes grouping
  Add support for barcode type parameter on coupons and loyalty (will also allow hiding QR codes)
  Add activity log saving for every CSV export operation
  Add detailed billing pass export
  Add support for transparent background for stamp strip
  Add activity and rewards to pass resource to accommodate storefront redesign
  Add accurate group passes plans quantity calculation
  Add Sentry Replay - a feature that will improve frontend bugs resolving
  Add back auto selecting single time slot for a day
  Add venue title to customer profile pass activity list
  Add support for start date as an activation date
  Add stamp strip to pass drawer details
  Remove plan creation from stripe webhook to prevent race condtions and plan duplication
  Refactor sales date calculation and add support for sales End Date
  Update JA translation
  Fix plans used quantity calculation for group passes
  Fix booking project without slots saving
  Improve app security from enlightn report
  Add ability to produce passes export via delayed job


  Add support for same day tickets expiration limits in minutes
  Add ability to extend pass expiration
  Add self checkin timer to loyalty and coupons
  Switch to Sendgrid for newsletter list and remove mailchimp
  Fix balance display for monetary pass details on monetary vouchers
  Fix remoteLOCK integration description
  Add self checkin timer limit to loyalty and coupons
  Fix total calculation with coupon discount
  Fix quantity on self-checkin flip card for monetary passes
  Add proper interval display of subscription passes to pass item


  Disable sortable on stripe transaction id column
  Update JA translation
  Add subscription stats table to subscription projects
  Add download CSV button for subscription stats
  Fix subscription plan description saving
  Add venues to project in external api resource

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